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Secondary vocational school and apprenticeship centre Moravské Budějovice

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General Information


Secondary vocational education has a long tradition here in town Moravské Budějovice. There were three vocational schools and an apprenticeship centre that were united into the current Secondary vocational school and apprenticeship centre Moravské Budějovice.

This school does students´ comprehensive preparation in their graduation and apprenticeship certificates, including following-up studies for students of apprenticeship centres with the broad kind of  specialization in the part of services as well as in traditional crafts. Students can obtain a driving licence, welding skills, bartender skills acording to their study specializations, and they are entitled acording to § 5 Decree No. 50 / 1978 . Pupils can get these certificates for free if it is included in their school curriculum, but if it is not, they can do it for a discounted price. Each student can also have lunch in our school canteen or stay in a youth home close to the school buildings.

Due to the school curriculum students can do some services for public, e.g. car repairing, preparing cars for car inspection (STK), agricultural machinery repairing, machining, plumbing work, locksmith work, and electrical engineering work


Study programmes and their characteristics


Four-years graduation studies (Graduation studies):


39-41-L /02   Mechanic of plumbing and electrical equipment (combinated studies L and H)

Every graduate has wide professional electrotechnical skills as well as in plumbing and related branches. He gets welding qualifications and takes an exam acording to § 5 Decree No. 50 / 1978. After the finishing of the third grade, students can get a vocational certificate in branch plumbing or highvoltage current electrician.


23-45-L /01   Mechanic adjuster (combinated studies L and H)

Graduates are professionals with a focus on the operation, adjustment and programming of CNC machines. After the finishing of the third grade, they can get a vocational certificate as a metal grinder.


66-41-L /01   Businessman / Businesswoman

Every graduate can work as a businessman/businesswoman, a sales officer or a sales representative in organizations or enterprises in the department of purchasing and sellling goods. These students are able to keep the books, negotiate, and ensure the company´s agenda.



Three-year teaching branches (Apprenticeship studies) :


26-51-H /02  Highvoltage current electrician

The alumnus can install, control and maintain electrical wiring and equipment. The study involve taking an exam acording to § 5 Decree No. 50 / 1978 necessary for electician professions, and getting the welding certificate.


36-52-H /01  Plumber

Former student of this apprenticeship can work as a heating technician while assembling, repairing and maintaining internal cold and hot water distributions, sewerage, and internal gas distribution. Study also involve getting welding skills and welding certificates as well as a pressed joints´ course.


65-51-H /01  Cook and waiter/wairess

Students can find their employment in branch of technology of food preparation, meals and service in the hospitality industry with a general overview of the whole catering area. They will also do commercial activites in this field.


23-56-H /01   Metal grinder

This apprenticeship school leaver can work as a metal grinder or operate CNC machines. They also can perform professional activities related to the care and routine maintenance of machine tools.


41-55-H / 01    Agricultural machinery repairman

This apprenticeship produces skilled workers who can manage repairing, service and diagnose the agricultural machinery. Students can also get the driving licence of the B, C, T group, as well as welding skills and welding certificate.


53-41-H / 01    Nursing care

Students of this branch of study can work as a nursing keeper in medical and sanitary ficilities, e.g. at homes with a nursing service, social care institutions, and retirement homes.


23-68-H / 01   Car mechanic  (Mechanic repair engineer)

This apprenticeship leaver can manage repairing, service and diagnose the road motor vehicles. Study includes getting the driving licence of the B, C group, as well as welding skills and welding certificate.


66-51-H / 01   Shop assistant

Alumnus of this study can work as a shop assistant in a grocery store and other business functions in the position of employee, or after the necessary incorporation as a businessman / businesswoman.


23-51-H / 01   Locksmith  (Machine mechanic)

There are many positions where can an apprenticeship leaver work, mainly as an operating locksmith, fitter, locksmith. He is ready to make and assemble the individual components and functional units of different machines according to the technical documentation. The study also includes getting the welding skills.


41-55-E / 01    Repair work

Student of this part of study can apply to simple maintenance and repair the agricultural techniques used in plant and livestock production. He manages the basic repairs and maintenance of tractors and trailers. He can also get a driving licence of the T group and welding skills.


65-51-E / 01    Catering and accommodation service

The school leaver of this branch of study will be used in the production of hot and cold cuisine in catering facilities. He / she manages the basic care of the accommodation.